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Pistenlänge km
  Blaue Pisten 30km
  Rote Pisten 45km
  Schwarze Pisten 15km
  Pisten Gesamt 90km

Loipen Länge
  Loipen Länge 280km

Skilifte Anzahl
  Schlepplifte 6
  Sessellifte 6
  Gondeln 20
  Skilifte gesamt 32
  Skilifte geöffnet

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Bruneck (840 meter)

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Von Neveah am Sunday 15 May 2016
Hi Jackson:The ride starts at Del Cerro, but the course changes every time, varying with the whim of the group. It can be an expert ride, but this will also depend on who shows up for the ride. Yo1;l82u7&#l need a good set of lights, even this time of year (just in case). You should give it a try! Let me know how it goes. -Bob

Von Lettie am Friday 13 May 2016
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Von Liza am Thursday 12 May 2016
I love this post, Lainey. I grew up with the good food, bad food dilemma. Not a morsel has gone into my mouth without a thought deep in the recesses of my mind that it was either good or bad. I look forward to your future posts and a good, healthy corionsatven about savoring food. After all, food is a gift from God.

Von Lutz Zink am Friday 18 December 2015
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7 / 10 - 39 Stimmen

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